Astrolith is a killer.

He has an iron stomach for building and destroying, doing things his way since the early releases on Space Is The Place, his galaxy-dominating partnership with indomitable Baltimore mayoral incumbent Rar Kelly. Coming up on a steady diet of g-funk and techno, with an early lust for electronic sound mangling, it should come as no surprise that that zoom zoom in your boom boom was generated in Astrolith’s STD-free studio in Bed Stuy.

Feeding off of the mayhem of New York City’s fire code delinquent basements and dumpling houses, an early collaboration with infamous party starter and lifelong carry Cakes Da Killa exposed him as the scene’s bastard lovechild. “Give It To Me” turned heads and opened wallets, quickly getting swallowed whole for premiere by Entertainment Weekly.

Fast forward to today and Astrolith is everybody’s darling, regarded as a sure shot remixer waving his magic stick for Spank Rock, Imagine Dragons, Erasure, and TT the Artist. As if that weren’t enough he’s been a mainstay production partner for absolute fucking legend Vince Clarke, leading to Erasure’s first US top ten hit in over a decade, and a forthcoming EP that should come with a pair of truck nuts. Hallelujah.

Yes he’s playing footsie with all of your favorite labels, releasing recently on Boys Noize Records, Mute, Hot Mom USA, Interscope, and Bad Blood, all while maintaining allegiance only to his home team at #SPLACE.

Nobody puts Astro in a corner.

Though prone to tweaking synths while wearing only a t-shirt and socks, Astrolith is a born live performer. He cut his teeth sharing the stage with Dorian Concept, Tokimonsta, and Robot Koch in the early days. In 2015 he was scooped as a participant for Red Bull Music Academy in Paris, where he rocked packed rooms alongside DJ Funk, Teki Latex, Feadz, Star Eyes, and his estranged twin DJ Wheez-ie. As he gears up to play Sonar Barcelona in 2016, he is working furiously on his sophomore release, featuring collaborations with Spank Rock, Cakes Da Killa, Vince Clarke, and TT the Artist.

Astrolith is a killer.



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