Hot Mom USA ‘The 90s’ Out Now!

FINALLY you can get yourself a copy of one of the finest records to come out since my childhood: The 90s.

The record features myself, DJ Shiftee, RX, Siyoung, Manikan, Taste Tester, Spooky, Pocky Hero, and a handful of others flexing on some lower range BPMs.

Get it here:

Positive Writeup of Hot Mom 90s Comp on DMC World

Here’s an awesome writeup from Dev79 on the Hot Mom USA 90s comp [out June 3rd].

Read the review here.

Hang up yer car phone and preview the tracks here:


Hot Mom USA 90s Comp Out June 3rd! [Preview]

I’m super pumped for the Hot Mom USA 90’s comp, featuring the likes of Spooky, Darkness, Pocky Hero, Siyoung, Manikan and Taste Tester, in addition to myself and the Hot Mom boss men, DJ Shiftee and RX. 

Here’s a little preview:

You can ‘taste test’ my track, Thumbsucker here:

Keep an eye out for this one. It’s going to be a riot. 

“The 90s” Out June 3rd on Hot Mom USA

I’m pleased to announce that my track “Thumbsucker” will be featured on Hot Mom USA‘s new compilation entitled “The Nineties”. 

The song is in good company. Many of the artists on the release are extraordinarily handsome gentlemen, including DJ Shiftee, Siyoung, and RX to name a few. Really pumped about this.



The internet WILL RUN OUT, so make sure to snag your copy fast!

Astrolith Live at Warper Super Tuesday

Hey Gang,

Catch me dropping some foul new beats on tuesday at !include’s event, Warper at The Delancey. To get there, take the fucking train to fucking Delancey street. 

I’m on at 11, and I’m not the only one so come fucking early. 

Here’s the event page.


Matt Shadetek’s “The Empire Never Ended” Out on Dutty Artz

I mixed Matt Shadetek’s new full length, “The Empire Never Ended” which is out on Dutty Artz. 

Take a listen. It’s a real headbreaker. 


Astrolith Ableton Live 9 Tutorial

Hey Gang,

Check out my new Ableton Live 9 tutorial, as featured on

It’s all about using their new Glue compressor to dial in your mix. What do you hear?


In other news, the weather’s nice, and I’m back in New York.

Much ado about everything

Hey friends!

It’s been a busy winter. I’ve been mixing lots of records for artists like Gatsby, String Theory, and DJ Shiftee, and making new bangers and mash every day. 

Speaking of DJ Shiftee, his label, Hot Mom USA is releasing a compilation entitled “The ’90’s” due out this spring. It will include my newest track “Thumbsucker” as well as deep cuts from the co boss moms Alex Burkat, Shiftee himself.

I’m in Berlin right now, getting ready to hang with the NI team, and excited to catch our man Falty DL and Floating Points tomorrow night. Wunderbar!

Also, check out my latest tutorial for Dubspot in which I build a patch in Kontakt out of the most primo vocal sample known to man. 


Live Effect tutorial w/Ableton Live and Guitar Rig

Take a look at my new tutorial I did for dubspot. In it, I work with one of the tracks off of my new EP, entitled Doppio.

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Mixed by Me: Matt Shadetek’s ‘I Like to Move’

Check out my man Matt Shadetek’s new single, Move It, which I mixed on a cold day in february. It features Kid Kurupt, 77Klash and Chan Dizzy.

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